EST. 1986 (andwe_explode) wrote in bad_service,
EST. 1986

So, on February 28th I went to a Hess gas station at around 10:15 at night and bought $16 in gas. Two days later, I went on vacation and stupidly, I figured it had cleared (didn't have access to my account online for 5 days, made a lot of purchases while I was away ... figured it had cleared when it hadn't). I wasn't keep very good track of my account, something I'm trying to rectify, but anyway.

I go into my account and on April 1st, they finally took the $16 in gas. Twice. They gave it different tracking numbers or ID numbers or whatever they call them -- the string of numbers that shows up on the transaction, and I have no idea why. It's a gas station location I've stopped at ONCE in my life, so there's no way I bought gas twice in one day.

Now I have to get it fixed. This is going to be fun.
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