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Not awful service, but a WTF kind of a conversation.

I need to have my windshield replaced, so I called my insurance people to find out how to do that. They gave me an 800 number for some insurance referral service type thingy, they arrange an appointment with the repair shop so that they cover most of the replacement.
Anyway, the first time I give them a call and get hung up on. No big deal, I call back.

The woman is decent enough at first, but gets weird when she asks for my daytime number, and I give her my home number. I don't give out my work number for the simple reason that I don't find it necessary to take personal calls at work.

Anyway, she transfers me to someone else. Apparently they fax over my info to the repair shop, and the shop calls me to set up an appointment. Again, she asks for my daytime number. I give her my home number. She asks if I will be at that number between 8am and 9am the following morning, when I should be expecting a call. I say no, I will be at work, but they can leave a message or I can call them on my lunch break. She asked for my work number, but I said that I don't give that out, and repeated that it was fine for them to leave me a message, or I could contact the shop directly. She asked if I had a cell phone, and I said yes, but I don't turn it on while I am at work.

Well that just pissed her off. She kept trying to push for a way for them to get in touch with me, but I kept repeating that they can just LEAVE A MESSAGE, and I will return their call. So then she wanted to have them leave a message on my cell phone, but I said my home number was better so I didn't have to use my cell minutes. I am not cheap, I just see no reason to use up my minutes with a call that can easily be accomplished from home. Finally she accepted the fact that, *gasp*, they would just have to leave me a message on my home phone, and trust that I would return their call to finalize an appointment. By the end of the call her tone was frustrated and unpleasant.

But really, why is it so hard to grasp the concept that while I am at work, I am WORKING. While it wouldn't be a huge deal for me to take an occasional personal call at work, I choose not to. Getting my windshield fixed is not an OMGLIFEORDEATH emergency, so I prefer to handle it on my own time.

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