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Warning: I swear sometimes. And these are all bad_service, but mostly because they are personal

One night at work, I went on my lunch. I ran around quickly, grabbed a drink, a snack and hurried to the cosmetics counter to get my employee discount. Because our lunches are only thirty minutes long, I like to get the most out of them as possible.

I jumped behind the counter, picked up the phone and paged someone to ring me up.

A few minutes later, someone finally shows up. By that time, there was a customer behind me waiting to be rung up. And my co-worker said, "Let me just ring out this person first... they've been waiting longer".
"No... I'm on lunch and I've been waiting here a few minutes before they showed up"
"Well, you're not priority"

So, she went ahead and rung up the other person. Keep in mind, I'm off the clock, out of uniform. She took a good 4 minutes of my lunch to get to the counter, another 5 minutes ringing up a small purchase by one customer, and 5 or 6 minutes ringing up my TWO ITEMS. About 15 minutes of my lunch was gone. And this was the only counter we are allowed to ring employee purchases at, so I really had no choice but to wait.

That wasn't that bad of service, just really, really rude and annoying.

I went in to my old job to do some shopping. My boyfriend was working, but he was going on his break soon. I didn't go "bug" him because I knew the rules about that, and I knew he would get in trouble. So I did my shopping, bought my things and went to Food Avenue [guess where I used to work?] and got a soda. I sat there for a minute or two when my boyfriend went to go clock out for lunch. After a minute he came back downstairs and sat with me in Food Ave. After his lunch was over, he walked me outside, we hugged and kissed goodbye, and he went back to work. All of this time, he was not on the clock. After he clocked in and came back downstairs to work, his manager [pretty much the only one who never liked me] took him back upstairs and gave him a verbal coaching. She said that if he was going to have me come to the store, he couldn't be working or on the clock. He told her that he wasn't on the clock. She said I was still here when he was. He disagreed and said, "I was on lunch." She still coached him.

That is just a follow up to the next time I came in to the store, alone, when he wasn't working. I needed to get these tacks for the wall to hang a picture but I didn't know where they were. I hadn't worked there in a while and just wasn't framiliar. So, seeing this manager [she was about 4 feet from me], I asked her where they were. She responded with, "You used to work here. You know. I don't have time to show you." I said, "I USED to work here. NOW I am a customer, and you can't talk to me like that." She laughed and walked away.

I used to work at Del Taco with a guy named Mike. One day someone came up and ordered two number fours... which made it four chicken soft tacos, two small fries and two small drinks. Well, he arranged the tacos on a tray. I moved them so they would be organized a different way. At this point he went off on me, screaming, "YOU FUCKING DUMBASS! WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM! YOU ARE SO FUCKING STUPID!" That is a direct quote. I just looked at him and said, "You are the dumbass. You're 40 fucking years old and you work at a Del Taco. At least I won't be stuck here for the rest of my life, like you, you fucking prick." I was 17... he was 40. At that time I left and went outside to smoke. [Yeah, I was 17, whatever] Well, I see that as bad service because we had a screaming match in front of customers.

Two years later, I come back. I came back to visit my old coworkers [mainly just the manager I love, she's so great] from time to time. Mike was still there. Well, some guy who was new said, "Didn't she used to work here?" "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT SHE DID OR WHAT SHE DOES, FUCKING DUMBASS." Two customers came up to the counter and told him to shut up, that their children could hear him, and that he was being unprofessional. He said, "fuck off" and stomped to the backroom. Yeah. He left a line of about 6 customers [including myself] who wanted food, just so he could have a little pitty party about me moving tacos on a tray TWO YEARS AGO.
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