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I'm an artist, and sometimes I would rather get my art professionally printed on larger scale than do it on my crappy home printer, so unfortunately I sometimes have to subject myself to the service at copy shops. The most widespread of these, of course, being Kinko's has ironically the worst service of the lot as far as I'm concerned, and today's experience was just the icing on the cake that makes me not want to go to Kinko's ever again for so much as a pack of nifty colored stationary regardless of how gorgeous the pattern is.

Sure you're probably thinking "but Kinko's has self service", very true, but if I'm going to get out, drive somewhere, and pay a ridiculous price for ink on paper I would like to be served. They offer service, I will take it, partially because I will admit I'm somewhat of a dumbass when it comes to technical stuff and I'd rather have someone do it right the first time so I'm not spending hours playing the trial and error game.

One time I went into a Kinko's and I had placed an order, and the color on my print was /completely/ off from my image file. To give you an example, picture Cookie Monster as a deep forest green, and that's how off the image was, no exaggerating. So I tell the guy that no, this is wrong, could he please tweak the color and make it look like what was on the screen even if it means dinking around in Photoshop, and he gave me the most glass melting look ever, clenched my proof, turned around and yelled "JESUS F****ING CHRIST, WHAT THE F**** EVER!" and stormed of. o_O
You better believe I told a manager.

I had gone to Office Max to get my prints done because I, once again, hate Kinko's, but the OM I went to's color printer was on the fritz, so Kinko's looked like the only option.

Now for the record, I'm legally a "small person". I don't look like a midget and there are tons of people who are far shorter than me, but I'm still short enough to where I have difficulties seeing signs and reaching counters. I entered the Kinko's and the layout was so disorganized and cluttered I couldn't tell one counter from the next, and I had a very hard time reading where I was supposed to go because I couldn't see over the shelves, so I went to the nearest counter I could, labelled "information and assistance". Well great, maybe they could "assist" me in making my prints, right?So I get up to the counter and ask the woman if i can make some prints, hand her the flash drive yadda yadda and she looks at me like I have 6 heads and tells me she can't. I'm like "uh...what?" she then tells me another department does that and scoffs. Alright, way to make me feel like a dumbass, just point me in the right direction and I'll go. So I go stand in line for about 10 minutes. The guy in front of me is helped, gets his receipt and walks off. I walk up to the counter and the employee standing there doesn't even make eye contact with me, while still standing there, then finally turns and leaves, not acknowledging my existance. I say "excuse me...EXCUSE ME!" to get his attention, I mean hey, I'm short, maybe he thought I was the previous customer's kid (this actually happens quite a lot, people will either not notice me, think I'm someone else's kid, or otherwise think I'm with someone else. Hey, it happens) so I call after him to get his attention. He turns to me exasperated and says "I will BE with you in a MINUTE". Jeeze....he could have said that to begin with. To me ignoring someone in a customer situation is like....not nice?

So I wait in line some more, and he takes this other woman IN FRONT OF ME. Oookay? My order will only take 5 minutes to place, IF that, but she's nitpicking about her business cards which, might I add, still need additional work. So the guy proceeds to work on her business cards for this lady who cut me in line. What the fuck ever. I still wait. I also overhear this guy (who apparently was a manager) berate another employee. Something about asking the customer for their ID for a transaction, he said "Bryan if you don't know procedure I will find someone else who does" in that "I'm being really quiet but I secretly think you're an absolute idiot" sort of voice, and the employee is apologizing profusely. Poor guy.

So I see an opening at another cashier. Excellent! I can get rid of this I go to him and ask to make my prints and tell him my whole spiel. He then interrupts me and goes "buuuut theyre not PDF files". I said "well, no, they're Jpeg files, and this one is a Photoshop file." He's like "mmmyeah there will be a charge for converting your jpeg files into PDF files" I'm like "alright, how much of a charge?" The guy says "$15.....for each image file" what the flying fuck?

For the record, 2 of the images I had were 3"X4" MAX, and then one 11"X14" image. Why would I spend 15 bucks just to CONVERT the 3"X4" pic to a PDF and then ALSO pay for the cost of the print?

So this guy pretty much tells me that, despite the NUMEROUS times I've gone to Kinkos and brought in a disk with jpeg files for printing, they can't do my prints at cost unless theyre PDF files, and that I'm more than welcome to e-mail them the Jpeg files if i want them done there for free (wtf? like I'd trust the internet to get my stuff done at a shop) but if I want them to convert the files theyre going to charge me $15 for each image they have to convert. I will NOT spend 45 bucks for 2 small images and a regular size print ALL OF WHICH I MADE MYSELF thank you very much.

So I told him that I always used to come into kinkos with a disk with jpegs, and the guy gets all indignant and says "Look, the bossman is right here *indicating the previous asshole* so if you wanna ask him that's fine but eh" so he wouuldn't give me the flash drive back even though I was reaching for it, and I finally quietly told him that I was going to be taking my business elsewhere because that is just far too overpriced for me to pay just because I have *omg* a widely accepted file type. He then proceeded to flail his arms in the air in frustration like /I'm/ the crazy one.

My friend who was with me can vouch, i was /not/ being unreasonable or unpleasant in any way, I was actually, despite my disgust with the service and their prices being very polite, so they're the ones with the problem.

Finally we found /another/ Office Max and the delightfully flambuoyant Adam assisted us with smiles, sympathy and good service, and I shall be getting my prints for a more than reasonable price.
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