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a question about this post.

I had an appointment today to meet with the manager of the Green Apple Hair Shoppe (who unfortunately, was also the owner).

It went just as poorly as the initial visit did!

I was nice, respectful, I kept my voice down, spoke in respectful terms, didn't use profanity. All in all I tried to be as polite as I could.

I went armed with pictures of my hair before I fixed it, with a statement of what happened that day and a statement by another hair stylist who said the procedure the stylist followed was completely wrong, a letter from my doctor saying he had to treat me for it, I had my prescription eye drops with me and a bright red eye, and a receipt from the products I had to buy to fix it.

The manager let the stylist in, and stood by not even saying anything while the stylist was actually YELLING at me. Then I asked the stylist to leave so I could talk to the manager alone. The manager did not READ any of the statements, nor the letter from my doctor. She accused me of trying to get "Free service" (Hello, if I had wanted the free service I would have at LEAST kept the job they did for more than 4 hours), she accused me of lying about my eye, too. Just a note? Doctors don't go giving out prescription eye drops to just anyone who asks, they first have to put a stain in your eye then look at it under some blue light to see what's up. I told her she could call any doctor and they'd tell her that, as well as I had a note from my doctor saying he had to treat me for chemicals from hair dye.

I then took the advice of threatening a charge back. I told her that if I had wanted to, I could have gone to VISA and disputed the charges, which would not only get me my money back but put a stain on their business as well as charge them extra fees for it, but that I didn't want to do that without coming in maturely to try and discuss it face to face.

She didn't seem to care about my eye, she kept going on and on about the hair, about how even if the stylist messed up I should have gotten someone else there to fix it. I kept telling her, that my eye was the most important, and that her stylists should know to follow first aid procedures when a customer gets chemicals in their eye, or better yet, take precaution as to not go flinging chemicals in customers eyes to begin with, and that I very well could sue for damages as it's on my medical record that I had to get treated because of them.

Even with all that, she says the most she'll do is 1/2 back, and to go ahead and do a chargeback if I feel I must.

BUT, the question, I called VISA (it's still too early to do a chargeback, it's not on my statement yet) and asked a general question about it. They told me they can't do chargebacks for quality of service, but I thought that if the service wasn't what you expected that they would, and having a salon send me to the doctors is definitely not what I expected, nor did I expect it to end with a shoddy job either.

So how do I go about that? What angle can I use to make it fall in the realm of dispution? I also don't think the VISA woman understood me, I kept talking about this and she kept saying "So the chargeback is for a .. medical industry?", but for when it does go on the statement and I can do a chargeback, I'd like to know how to go about it, you know?

Thank you to everyone for your help thus far.
I'm also going to be petty petty petty, and go to hair review sites and write a negative review on this company. I feel like I've just been walked all over. I stood my ground and did it in such a nice way too, I can't believe after being treated like how I was and going through all I have, that I'd have to go back and endure more bad service from the owner.

Edited to add: I was also wondering if I wanted to take it to small claims court, because it IS in my medical records that I needed medical treatment for their negligence, it would take up to a year to happen but I'm pretty pissed off right now so I'm thinking it's also an avenue I could take. In Canada you can sue for up to 15,000 without a lawyer in small claims courts, though I wouldn't ask for much for my damages (although it HAS been painful for the last 3 days and swollen, it's hardly that big of a damage, the doctor said there were no burns to it, and that it should be fine in about a week.), I'd probably just end up asking for my refund. But for that, I have a short letter from the doctor saying that he treated me due to hair dye in the eye, but do you think for a lawsuit I should go and ask for a more detailed one?
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