Didds (didds) wrote in bad_service,


This isn't my story, it's my sisters, but it's worth posting.

My sister went through the drive through at tim hortons and ordered a tea. Just a tea. Not even a steeped tea because the chick told her they didn't make those at night. She pulled around to the window and sat in the car for 15 minutes waiting for her tea. She finally got up and looked through the drive through window and saw the night shift chick talking to some people inside, so my sister pulled open the drive through window and asked if the tim hortons chick if she'd forgotten about her. The chick snips "no I didn't forget about you" and finally starts making my sister's tea. When she brings it to the window my sister hands her the $$ for the tea and comments that she thinks she should have it for free because she had to wait so long. Tim hortons chick *throws* the tea at my sister and tells her to "never f@#king come here again", slams the drive through window shut, and keeps her change.

My sister said only a little bit of tea spilled on her because it was double cupped, but damn. That's scalding hot water. What if the lid had fallen off?
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