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I went to Arbys with two of my bandmates yesterday during practice. When we walked in, there was a guy on the register helping two customers and two girls standing behind the other one, talking to a woman who looked like she was probably a customer. She was going off about something or other, and the girls behind the counter just kept nodding in agreement.**(Meanwhile we are standing in line to be helped and the guy goes to the back - he's obviously the shift manager by how he's dressed)

This conversation goes on very loudly for nearly 3 minutes before the guy comes back and offers to help/take our order. We figured out that the woman in front of the counter was not a customer, but an employee on her off day, complaining about a customer and how she'd argued with her. It had something to do with how long a customer in drive through was waiting for her food. She was aruguing that it was a relatively short time and the person in the car apparently said they were waiting for 5 minutes. One of the girls behind the counter was drive through and the other was apparently the other register person.

There are three things in customer service that really chaff me, and she did two of them.

Argue with a customer*

Complain about a customer in front of other customers, that are waiting to be helped.

After the manager came back I said to my guitarist: "That is so unbelievably unprofessional it's disgusting" loud enough for the manager to hear.

He responded "What do you expect, it's Arby's?"

A lot more apparently. I won't be going back there. She continued to complain for a good 5 minutes while we sat there and ate.

*The only reason I know she actually argued with the customer is because she was actually saying what she did and how wrong the customer was IE: "I handed her the reciept at _____ time so there's no way she could have been waiting that long, she's just full of {explative}. I told her that she was wrong, and she ----"

You get the drift.

**I forgot to add that before the manager went to the back I did mention that we were waiting to be helped. He just shrugged and walked back there, I assumed to get some other help. When he finally came back to help us- that's when I mentioned the unprofessionalism to my guitarist. Not once did he say anything to the woman complaining or the girls behind the register.
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