Damia Meru (lenne_renne) wrote in bad_service,
Damia Meru

Denny's July 3rd 2005

This is a tale that happened last year. During the magical time that is known as Anime Expo.
The time was July 3rd 2005 at 6pm-ish, location was of course Anahiem California.
A little backstory my boyfriend and I were celebrating our one year anniversary of the day we had met, being the uber-nerds that we are we had originally met in the line of Anime expo. We met exchanged Emails and had our first date on the 5th of July
Flash forward one year later and we are again at the Anime Expo, I'm running a fever and my stomach can handle very lillte food. We decided to go ot Denny's since I can get toast and eggs anytime of the day, while other fast food places will not give me the same freedom. So we we walk down there from the convention center that which is fine, and to our suprise there are very little people at the Diner, I think that in itself should have be seen as a warning of what to come. We get told we would be seated in five to ten minutes which was perfectly fine to me. A few minutes goes by and a part of thirty comes in, they talk to the hostess to see if they could be seated, I'm sitting not even five feet from the the desk area and can hear what is being said. The hostess had said that she would have to go ask the manager to see if it was ok she does that, comes back and seats them. She tells us it will be another five minutes so that the other party coulld get seated and get there drinks. 
My boyfriend and I are a bit iffy at this be we say what the hell since I need to eat and the Motel sadly does not have a toaster nor a microwave. Forty minutes later we are finally seated, by now I am irritable because I don't feel well and I do think they should have seated us ahead of the the party of 30. She takes our drink orders and ten minutes later w ehave our drinks she leaves without taking our food orders. You know I would be quite ok at this had she taken our drink orders the moment we sat down but after ten minutes we knew what we wanted a long long time ago. Its another ten minutes before we get our drinks and she finally asks if we know what we want.
We order and off she goes and we wait and wait all the while watching our waitress stay near the party of thirty almost every second chatting it up iwth the party, getting drink refills and what not. Its a good twenty minutes later when the party leaves and we finally get our food, which by the way is cold. I am close to losing my temper at this time and I politely ask to see a manager, so this in turns causes her to give us the third degree about why we need to see a manager. I tell her straight out that I was not born in a barn yesterday I was here before the giant party I had been told it would be five to ten minutes wait, I got piss poor service no refills and cold food I was not happy I want to see the manager. 
She argues with me for a while trying to get me to back down from what I want and when she gives up she leaves and its fifteen minutes before I see a manager.
He tells us that it wasn't their fault that I choose to stay after the party came in. He changes his story and then tells us the party had reservations to be there. I interupt him and tell him to cut the BS since I was there when they came in asking if they could be seated, I was there when he had to give the hostest permission. He gets huffy and tells us to pay and that we were not welcome back at the diner.
My boyfriend being the pacifist that he is decided to intervine and pay the check and pull me out of the diner. To date this is still the worse service I have ever recieved, I have even developed a habit of cringing when ever we pass a Denny's
I'm sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors my post my contain. I am not that good with writing english yet.

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