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Annoyingly bad service

This is kind of minor, but it was still bad, and I was already kind of cranky when it happened.

I was at JCPenney yesterday, patiently waiting my turn in line to check out. This is one of the stores where they have four registers in a little square "fort," with a single line. Only one person was ringing (it wasn't busy), at the register to the right of the "front" of the line, where I was standing. While I was waiting, a second cashier came up to the register directly in front of me.

And proceeded to turn to the person behind me in line and ring her up.

WTF?? Lady, it's not like you could miss that I'm next in line. I'm standing right in front of you. And it's not like I'm a small person who could be easily overlooked. I wasn't hanging back or anything. It was very clear I was waiting in line to check out.

I took a half-step to the left, and as soon as she'd finished with the other woman (it wasn't really the customer's fault, although if it had been me, I would've pointed out who was next), I held out my items and said mildly, "Actually, I was next in line."

She didn't apologize, didn't look at me, didn't say a word except to tell me when to slide my card.

Seriously. WTF??
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