Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Horrible carpet cleaning

I got a postcard from one of the local carpet cleaning companies that we used once. It annoys me to get their "hey, it's been a while since your last capet cleaning" postcards because we had to tear out our carpet in the living room AFTER they washed it.

It was over a year ago when we decided to use this particular company on the recommendation of a customer of ours. BIG MISTAKE. The day the guy came to wash our carpets was the day we had the plumber replacing our hot water heater. In fact, the plumber was finishing up at the same time the guy showed up. No big deal I thought since the other carpet cleaning companies we dealt with either only uses our water source or have their own machines and don't use our water source. Not this company.

I should have stopped him from going any further in the carpet cleaning when I saw that he had a machine similar to my carpet cleaner! He needed the HOT water from my tap which of course there was none. I told him it would be best if we rescheduled but he assured me it was no problem.

Two hours later he was done and my WHITE carpets in the living room ended up with a HUGE BLACK stain. He said there was probably something under the rug that bled up. I was pissed and didn't want to pay him but he kept insisting that it was MY fault that this giant black stain appeared. Note, the carpet was dirty but there wasn't a big black stain before! The stain couldn't come out with our carpet machine either and in the end, about three weeks later we had to tear out the carpet completely. Oh, and the carpet was only two years old and cost $15 a square FOOT.

I have never used them since and toss out their postcards each time it comes in the mail. Love my hardwood floors.
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