Bethany (breanyasmommy) wrote in bad_service,

Enough with fast food

The other morning I was running a little behind so I decided to skip breakfast at the house and pick it up on the way. I stop by burger king and there is no line. Yay. Anyway, I pull up to the speaker and place my order. A number one, ham and cheese, no egg with a Medium coke. Lady repeats it and asks if thats all. I say no that I would also like a French toast sticks KIDS meal with a kids sprite. She goes okay and repeats the order and everything correct. I get to the window, she tells me the price and it seems a little low. Then she hands me the drinks. Two small Sprites. The entire time she repeated back to me a medium coke and she hands me a small sprite, stating that those headsets are hard to hear. Id buy that if she hadn't said the correct thing everytime. Fortuantly, it gets fixed I am on my way. I get to the daycare and the hashbrowns arent there for the kids meal. I wish it was the only annoying experience at that place but alas its not. Normally, they mess it up by completely ignoring the ham, no egg. Giving me sausage and egg and of course Im on the other side of town. Oh how i wish there was another BK on my route to work.
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