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Long time lurker, first time poster, that sort of thing.

Cafeterias count when we're talking bad service, right? Though, half of it's more annoying service than bad.

Our university dining hall (at least the one for my residence hall) has the hours of 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm Saturday, and noon-8pm Sunday. Late night take-out is from 8-11pm Sunday-Thursday.

Except that, very often, they'll start closing up at 7:00 instead of 8:00. I mean, I can understand cleaning up and putting up chairs at 7:30, and not serving any food after that, but they will clear out the food by 7:00, and start putting up chairs and turning off lights when a lot of people are still eating. (Usually this is on Friday, but it's often on Thursday and other nights as well.) A lot of the workers are students. I realize that they're spending their weekend nights scraping food off of plates and washing dishes and stuff, but it's their job to provide the other students with food. Maybe I'm just being picky, since I've never worked closing at any of my previous jobs.

Also, a lot of the dining halls have sandwich bars, kind of like a mini Subway. I used to get the sandwiches a lot, and always got tuna salad because I have a weird obsession with certain sandwiches. But I haven't had one for the last four months, because the last time I got a tuna sandwich from there, there was a huge chunk of popsicle stick in there. It had obviously broken off when they were stirring the tuna, and there were a lot of splinters in it. I ended up taking a huge bite and sinking my teeth pretty deep in that stick before I realized it was there.

It just kind of annoys me that we're paying so much for these meal plans when we're getting substandard food, and we're not allowed to be in there as long as they advertise.
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