Miss Kitty (kittylair) wrote in bad_service,
Miss Kitty

Possible bad service.. more annoying than anything.

Genji's in Columbus OH is one of 4 Hibachi places in town.
I've never been to Genji's before and now have pledged not to go back.

Now in defense of the place, I've worked in a non-hibachi Japanese place and my standards for service, food, spices used and the such are pretty high for an American.
My friends all seemed to LOVE the place and I think I'm the only one who had any problems.

While I have to commend giving us tea drinkers our own pot of tea and large glasses with lemon the actual chef at the table was the real problem.

First off, our chef was asian (which is a plus! but needed description for the tale). Everyone at the table was white. None of us looked like we'd like to be serenaded with "yeh boyz" or that "wooepwooep" shrill rap noise that just doesn't sound right at every whipstitch which would lead the other chefs near by to reciprocate. It was a vocal shrill wave. It was ill placed at what was clearly supposed to emulate a Japanese Restaurant and not one that was Rap themed.
I've never seen this behavior at any hibachi places. I think the drunken chef routine passes for moderately cute-sy but this gave me a bleeding headache.
Because of my non-enjoyment and negative reciprocation when I said I wanted steamed rice and not fried- I received the smallest portions even through I was paying out the nose for this meal. Also everyone but the Birthday girl received 2 small shrimp as an appetizer? Anywhere else in town it's 4-6 and the price is 5 dollars less. And the steak cut was exceedingly poor.
I asked my friend about the chef as she was bagging up her to go box (fried rice gets you more food apparently) and she says it's always like this.
I would of gone to Management but after hearing that and not wanting to ruin my friend's party I just let it go.

Also Yum yum sauce? Soy, and Thousand Island sauce. On everything. Steak, salad. Blagh. None of the usual spices or sauces were used. Just butter and Yum yum.
Again everywhere else there's a seafood sauce, a steak sauce, and a special sauce for seafood that's like Yum- but better.

You really couldn't pay me to go back.

EDIT: Just to make it clear- My main compliant is the way the Chef gave me the smallest portions leaving extras to give to the flirty birthday girl. Everything else is just the icing on this moldy cake.
Also edited because my brain wasn't on this morning when I wrote this.
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