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The pizza saga: getting a pizza really shouldn't be this difficult.

I'm down to the wire on writing my master's thesis. I spent a good 8 hour chunk straight working on it yesterday. I sort of forgot to eat. Around 5, I started getting hungry, but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel so I decided to wait it out. Around 7, I pulled up (a website that associates itself with certain college campuses and allows students to order delivery or takeout from nearby restaurants). I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. They promptly sent an automatic email detailing my order and said the wait would be about 60 minutes. 60 minutes! OK, I still had some work to do, so no big.

About an hour and a half later, my husband and I started seriously wondering where our pizza was. I pulled up the confirmation email and got Pizza Hut's number. They didn't answer (which wasn't a surprise as when we've tried to call them before to place an order they never answered). Then I noticed a general customer service toll-free number at the bottom of the email. This number was for "inquiries and cancellations." My husband called it, talked to... someone, and she said she'd look into where our pizza was and give us a call back. About 10 minutes later, she called back to tell us that Pizza Hut had closed for the evening and she was really sorry for the inconvenience. What kind of Pizza Hut closes before 7? (And she specifically said closed for the evening, not closed in general.)

By this time, it was nearly 9, and I was absolutely starving. We called Domino's next, who don't deliver to people without a landline. (This in itself is frustrating, because this Domino's is near campus and how many college students rely on their cell phones more than a landline? A helluva lot is my guess.) But, since we'd already dealt with that crap before, we were prepared to drive over there to pick up the pizza. Apparently, people calling from cell phones don't even deserve a name, as they told us the pizza would be under "PCS Phone." Anyway, about 10 minutes after placing the order (they said it'd be ready in 15 minutes, it's a 5 minute drive), my friend and I headed over to Domino's, which happens to have a drive-thru window. We pulled up, specified the order "PCS Phone," and... they had just given our pizza to someone else. Seriously, getting a pizza should NOT be this hard. As the guy at the window was telling us this, another car pulled in behind us. It happened to be the people who had our pizza. We drove around the building, pulling up behind the car that had our pizza. We noticed that those people had actually ordered two pizzas compared to our one, so how they mixed up the orders is beyond me. And, technically, if a customer receives the wrong order, he should keep it along with the correct order. It violates health code to take an order from one customer and give it to another, but I was so hungry at that point that I really didn't care.

Next time, I will seriously reconsider before ordering a pizza.
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