girljim (girljim) wrote in bad_service,

You must really want my business....

Cell phone companies - I'm convinced they're all spawn of the devil.

I'm the office manager for a medium-sized general contractor. We have an account with Verizon, for about 60 cell phones - which adds up to about a $4,000 bill each month. I only mention this because it is what Verizon considers a "Large" account, and they should be doing everything they can to keep me happy so I don't take my business somewhere else.

I took over this job last April from "Sue". Sue had started the conversation with Verizon about switching our service to them, but had not signed a contract or initiated service, since our contract would not be up until July/August. When I took over the job, I also took over the cell service, switched us to Verizon (in August), signed the contract, and was the only person they ever talked to about our service.

In late December, my Vice President broke his Blackberry (or lost it - or just decided he wanted a new one - I don't remember) and needed a new one TODAY. This is fine, as I could drive to the mall (two days before Christmas, mind you) and purchase a new one on our account. I drive to the mall. I fight Christmas traffic. I park in Siberia. I go into the store, where they have a new system of having you check in on a computer so that they can ignore you longer while they help other customers who walk in and collar an employee. When they do finally deign to talk to me, I discover that they *do* have the phone, but they won't sell it to me or activate it to our account. Why? Because I'm not Sue.

That's right - they have two different sets of info, and the one that the stores have access to had the old contact name - not the person who signed the contract, or indeed, anyone who was even working for the company. I was the primary and ONLY contact they'd had since April, but they couldn't make any changes to the account for me (which I'd been doing on a weekly basis since we signed up with them) because I couldn't prove I was Sue.

Of course, our rep was in a meeting. I left him very angry voice mail, and spent the next 90 minutes on my personal cell phone (I don't have a company phone) talking to various people in the Customer Service department until some very nice lady said she could put my name on the account if I had someone from the office fax them authorization on company letterhead. The guys at the store were *still* snotty with me when I came back, but did eventually sell me the damn phone.

The other strange thing with Verizon is that about a quarter of the time, they'll ask me for a password when I call in. There *is* no password on the account, but about a quarter of the time, they won't talk to me unless I can give them the password. I have our tax ID number, I have our billing address, I'm the only person they ever talk to on this account. But they won't give me any love without this password that, for all I know, they invented.

The other three quarters of the time, they don't ask for a password, and everything is fine. It's gotten to the point that when they ask for the password, I just hang up and call back - the next person rarely asks for it.
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