Zack Wagoner (legba) wrote in bad_service,
Zack Wagoner

My girlfriend goes to the bank yesterday, and parks in the bank's pay lot. There is a big sign at the entrance stating that the first half-hour is free with a bank receipt, and there is an hourly charge after that first half-hour. She makes her deposit, then decides to go to the Borders across the street. She knows she'll overstep her thirty minutes, but doesn't worry since she has cash to pay for the additional time.
She returns after an hour, and proceeds TO WAIT AT THE PARKING ATTENDANT'S DESK, so she can pay for her excess time. He shows up, and proceeds to bitch at her for leaving her car there. She tries to explain that she was prepared to pay for her time, and is told that her money isn't wanted. She points out the aforementioned sign, and is told again that her money isn't wanted. The attendant say he's going to remember her car, and if he sees it in the garage again for more than three minutes(which he claims is the max time for a bank customer to finish their business) he'll call a tow truck. At which point, my girl told him to go fuck himself.
I get my paycheck this week, and I'm going to the bank with a tape recorder. We'll see how this guy acts when a 6' 200 lbs bouncer comes calling.
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