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This story of ultimate suckiness takes place at a convenience store that I frequent near daily thanks to it's extremely close proximity of across the street from my house.

The husband and I have been enjoying a day of sloth following a week of hell at our respective jobs. We were running short on smokes, so I decided on making a run across the street for those and some junk food for him. I get over there and encounter the rudest cashier that has worked there in quite awhile. Let it be noted that three years ago, I worked at this particular convenience store, so I've seen my fair share of both stupid cashiers and stupid employees alike.

Tramp: Extremely rude and stupid cashier
Guy: Guy that I went to school with who happened to be a customer
Woman: Lady in front of me, but behind Guy.
Man: Customer behind me.

Guy: *In line to pay for his gas and such with a debit card, not a checkcard or anything else that can be run as a credit card*

Tramp: *Friendly at first, but rapidly deteriorating into a total cunt. Scans his card as credit and looks perplexed and pissy when the machine beeps at her.* Your card is being declined, Sir. *slaps card back on counter*

Guy: No, it's not a credit card or check card. Just run it as debit and I'll put in my PIN number.

Tramp: *Sneer* No, that's not right. I did it right. It just didn't go through. Something's wrong with your card.

Guy: *Fed up with her by now, but is polite because he's a regular.* No, you really have to run it as debit. There's a debit key right there.

Tramp: *Huffs and rolls her eyes.* Look, you're the customer and I'm the cashier. I think I would know better than you.

Me: *Not wanting to say anything, but sick of standing there.* No, he's right. There is a debit key and you can run it through that way.

Tramp: *Look of death at me.* What do you know?

Me: *Oh, fuck no she didnt! Steely gaze right back, but still polite.* I know, because I've worked here. For three years, in fact. I'm just trying to help you out.

Tramp: *Finally shuts up and takes the hint. Presses the debit key and runs the card. Bingo, card goes through and all is well. Slams Guy's card down and turns her back on him.*

Guy: *Leaves*

Woman: I'd like to pay for $10 in gas. *Hands cash.* Will you please set the pump?

Tramp: *Snatches cash from lady's hand and huffs.* I can't set the pump. You have to stop it.

Woman: *Leaves*

Me: *Puts candy and stuff on the counter and tells her what kind of cigarettes I want.*

Tramp: *Stares at me, while ringing the candy up. Doesn't bother getting the cigarettes.* Anything else?

Me: Yes, two packs of .

Tramp: *Mutters* For god's sake. Here. *Slaps them on the counter.*

Me: *Stare. Hands her the checkcard.*

Tramp: *Runs the card and slaps it back on the counter, ignoring my outstretched hand.* Here, sign this. *Throws the receipt at me.*

Me: *Retrieves card and signs receipt. Waits for Tramp to bag the stuff, but she doesn't bother. Grabs bag from top of the counter and bags own stuff. Moves out of line so Man can come up.* You know, you are hands down the rudest cashier I've ever met. I was only trying to help you.

Tramp: Fuck off. You've got your shit, now leave.

Me: *WTF?! Flips out cell phone and calls manager. Informs her of what just transpired. Smiles and leaves after hearing manager curse and say she was on her way. Leaves.*

Now, I probably shouldn't have intervened and said anything about the whole debit card fiasco, but I seriously was only trying to help. I was polite and courteous and got a curtly spoken "Fuck off" for my efforts.

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