Patron Saint of Women With No Morals ^_^ (drusillamac) wrote in bad_service,
Patron Saint of Women With No Morals ^_^

We were kind of in the wrong here but still...

Last night my parents and I went to a large arena for a comedy show. It was something we had been looking forward to but this put my mother in a really bad mood. And she wasn't even driving.

There are two parks, one near the venue and one a bit further away. It was pouring with rain so my dad tried to get into the other car park i.e. the one near the venue. He did a sneaky turn round a roundabout but the parking attendent starting shaking his head wildly and shaking his arms. The bit that really pissed off my mother is that he was mouthing/saying "Fuck off!" at us. However, he was letting cars from another direction into the car park! My mother was furious and was all ready to complain inside the venue. But my dad is a bit more laid back and asked her not to.

I know it's a shit job being a parking attendent and it was pissing with rain so the guy was soaked. But telling us to "Fuck off" was not a great thing to do.
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