Sheena (sinemoria) wrote in bad_service,

CH dvd club rant.

First. I'm fairly certain that the number you have is my cell phone number, not my home phone number. Why you called my home phone is beyond me.
Second, i appreciate that you offered me the 2 for 1 tv series deal. There are a few tv series that i'd like to start buying. Unfortunately i'm currently at a crap job that pays me very little, and can't afford to spend money on things like dvds if i want to eat. You had no way of knowing this, i understand.
Thirdly, when i reply to your speil with "thank you for the offer, but i'm not interested right now", the correct response is not "are you sure? It's only eleventybillion dollars, and you're getting two sets!". My reply of "no thank you, have a good evening" was polite. You didn't need to respond with "but you'd get two sets for only eleventybillion dollars!" I refused you twice, very politely. Don't argue with me over what i want. I'm pretty sure i know what i want better than you.

But, on the other hand, the local Wendy's is the best ever. They never get my order wrong and they have my food ready when they hand me my change, every time i go. They rock, and should all get cookies.

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