emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Petty rants

Ok, Im sleep deprived and stressed out. Forgive any pettiness and being dramatic below

Fries, Onions, and Doctors, oh my!

-Why the hell do fast food places skimp on supplies? Does it save money?! I always, ALWAYS get fry containers half filled, salads with very little lettuce (Zaxbys!) and drinks/ice creams/milkshakes not even remotely close to the top of the cup. Im paying and if I get a large fry, I dont want the amount of fries that would fit in a medium placed in a large container. Thats NOT a large fry. Im paying for extra fries. I want my damn food.

-I firmly believe there is a conspiracy against me to try to force me to like onions. I order no onions clearly every time. 80% of the time this no onions is noted on the receipt and sometimes even the actual burger wrapper. So why the hell do I almost never get no onions? Its almost a reflex now for me to tell them I wanted no onions and have them remake it even before I check because I know they will be there. Im thisclose to going into too much information to try to MAKE them give me no onions the first time. Not only do they taste nasty, but they give me bad gas. Do I need to SAY that in order for them to listen?!? If I were dishonest, I would pretend to be HORRIBLY allergic and maybe they would listen then!
(One girl even denied that I ordered no onions-implying I was either a liar or forgot to mention it-when it was on the receipt AND the burger wrapper!-thankfully, she looked embarassed when I politely pointed that out and gave me a free fry)

-This is a parent/doctor rant-Mom, I know you think its a hassle to change my doctor. But he is MEAN! THINK of the things you discuss with your doctor-I either have or may conceivably in the future discuss such subjects as sex, my vagina, my breasts, gas problems, my ass, depression, things I do because of depression, anxiety/panic attacks, etc...
And things Im probably not even thinking about. Doctors are people who you have to expose yourself to in a variety of sensitive ways and I need someone who I can trust and that I feel comfortable with. The doctor I have now that you picked is MEAN. You admit that you know he is mean. He was disrespectful and rude to me and accused me of lying (when oddly enough, I was telling the truth). He even mocked me when I claimed my tension headaches had pretty much disappeared ("Oh, so they just-MAGICALLY disappeared?! **waves hands and laughs condescendingly) and rolled his eyes and sighed loudly when I mentioned that I may go on birth control soon. I feel judged and uncomfortable around him. So yes, mom, Im changing doctors and I dont care how much you dont want me to.

**I know I mentioned gas problems twice-I promise I dont really have bad gas problems. Just with onions. And it was something that came to mind that may be embarassing to discuss with a mean doctor.
**Been on LJ for a long time now and still dont know how to do proper cuts! Woo!
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