Roisin Dubh (aoibhinn) wrote in bad_service,
Roisin Dubh

bad ob/gyn

the last post reminded me of the worst ob/gyn experience I ever had. It was quite a while ago, when I was 16 (I'm 23 now)

I was 16, and my mom took me to the doctor to get birth control. The doctor's name was Jane Daniels in Fort Myers, Fl. Well, before you get put on birth control, they give you a pregnancy test. I had a boyfriend and we had had unprotected sex may 1, 2 times (stupid, I know). So I pee in the cup, and then they sit me in the doctor's office. The Nurse comes in and tells me that the doctor will be on shortly to talk to me, and as she leaves the room, says "and your pregnancy test came back positive." So then she leaves me alone in the room to cry my little eyes out. The doctor comes in and tells me they have to bring in my mother and tell her. So they do. Now my mother is crying and we're all hysterical. We decide not to tell my father about it.
A few days later I go in for an ultra-sound, and whoops, they can't find anything. Except a giant cyst on my ovaries. So the doctor now thinks I have an ectopic pregnancy, and sends me to a lab to get a blood pregnancy test.
Whoops, I'm not pregnant, and never was.
We never went back to that doctor obviously.
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