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Last week my family and I went to Howley's for breakfast (it's a diner-type place that serves breakfast til 3, for those that don't know). We got seated pretty quick, especially for being a fairly large party (about 10 of us, including the kids ranging in age from 9 to 15). The waiter came over and got all of our drink orders, drinks took about 5 minutes to come out but we weren't all ready to order so he gave us a few minutes and then came back to take our orders. The orders were pretty simple, no one was ordering anything crazy on the menu, there were just the normal things like eggs that were over easy and burgers that were asked to be medium well and me who asked that my bacon be crunchy (which, btw, I noticed he elected not to write down).

Anyway, we wait and wait and about 20 minutes go by and there's no sign of the food even though our waiter is running around back and forth and occasionally refilling the drinks. We're a little antsy but no one said anything because we were busy chatting.

Finally the food comes out, there was a lot of confusion, they brought out two of the same thing when it was only ordered once. Two of our meals were missing completely from the order. They assured us it would be right out. (It didn't end up coming out until about 10 minutes later). My food was fine, it was nothing great and my bacon wasn't as crunchy as I would've liked (I realize that's being nitpicky...but it just added to the experience).

My sister ordered from the lunch menu and got a burger medium well. Her burger came out and was totally pinkish red on the inside. My niece also got a burger and requested it also be medium well and again with the pinkish/red color. They asked that the burger be cooked a little more and brought back out. They ended up doing exactly that, re-cooking the same burger and slapping a new slice of cheese on it. As if that weren't enough my brother-in-law found a mysterious particle floating in his soda (it turned out to be a lemon seed according to our waiter but still...).

My mom and nephew (the two who were missing their meals) finally got their food but they were still eating when most of us were finishing up. I can understand that they were busy and we were a large party but I think the thing that made the service worse is that the waiter was kind of rude through out the whole thing. He seemed very defensive about everything that went wrong with the order and he wasn't very apologetic, that is until after the manager showed up. No one from our table actually called him, although my brother was talking about doing that after. The manager came by and asked if everything is okay and ensured the my mom and nephew got their food quickly. That was sort of nice but I still don't think we'll be going there for awhile, their service has never been great but at least the food used to make up for it.

And hopefully this isn't totally off-topic, I read this article and this community came to mind so I thought I'd share.

Great Customer Service Is a Right, Not a Privilege

Everyone can have a bad customer service experience on occasion. But do you ever bring it to someone’s attention or do
you just move on to the next company, hoping to get better service? Did you ever wonder what would have happened if
you had mentioned to the salesperson or their manager that the salesperson’s tone or message was not very customer
service oriented?
Great customer service is a right you should expect whenever you enter a store or restaurant or whenever you contact a
service-oriented company like a translation agency. Great customer service doesn’t mean that the salesperson will always
agree with you. It does mean that they will deal with you in a professional, friendly, courteous manner regardless of the situation
and provide you with alternatives. It also means that they will be honest and up-front in their dealings with you.
How many times have you had a salesperson say, “Yes, no problem, we can do that for you.” And later it turns out there
was a problem. Wouldn’t you rather have the salesperson say, “Yes, we can do that for you, but the quality of the product
may be less than you expect. However, if you give us a couple of extra days, we can give you a product you will be happy
with.” This answer shows that the salesperson is more concerned about providing you with a top-quality product and good
customer service than they are about “making the sale.”
Anyone can sell you something, but it’s the follow-through on their promises to you that shows they are customer service
oriented. Expect that follow-up phone call after a delivery to see if you are satisfied and expect them to do what they say they will do. If you aren’t
receiving good customer service, talk to a manager, explain what has happened, and let them know you need better service if you are to continue to do
business with that company. After all, it is your right.
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