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An update to this post.

I gave up on the whole expiring normally doesn't equal cancelling service tirade. The second time I called to ask about it, I said "Even if it can't be changed, I'll accept that, but please consider this my 30 day notice then".

I received 5 emails regarding it within a period of about a week, and to each one I restated my position politely and then told them that regardless of if anything could be done, I had given my 30 day notice a few days prior and to please make sure that it would expire on the day it should, because a few days after that a new billing cycle starts.

So - I restated my 30 day notice for my contract to expire a total of 6 times. Once directly to the CSR who handles contract cancellations, 5 times to higher-ups in email.

Like I said, it was annoying having to deal with it, so I gave up and when the bill for the 'final month' came in, I paid it and just wrote off the whole situation, and I was happy to finally be rid of Bell.

Then I got some more bad_service. I didn't check my old cell phone until 1.5 months after it should have expired when I was looking for a phone number that was only in the phonebook on my old cell. I open it up, and there's bars showing up indicating service. So, I use my new cell to call my old number, and surprise surprise, it rings. Meaning, they never cancelled my Bell Service and I've been going month-to-month for 2.5 months after I requested service expiration. I hadn't gotten a bill in the mail except for the bill between my call and the 30 day cancellation, which I paid.

6 requests to cancel service, following the 30 day notification rule, and I STILL had service. Not a huge deal, annoying because I have social anxiety disorder and it takes a lot for me to even be able to talk on the phone to someone I don't know, let alone be assertive. The bad_service, wasn't only in the fact that it wasn't cancelled, but in the guy I reached when I called to inform them of their mistake.

I called Bell back and told them how many times I had requested service, and when I had, and informed them that I still had service on my phone. The CSR confirms it by looking into my account, that yes, he can see that I gave my 30 day notice all those months ago, and yes he can see the emails. He admits that it should have been taken care of.

The CSR tries to tell me that he can cancel it now, but I'll have to wait 30 days for it to go through.

I told him no.

The CSR tries to tell me that he can cancel it in 2 weeks and waive the fees for those 2 weeks, but I'll have to pay for the last 1.5 months of service.

I told him no.

It was really annoying, because I followed their rules, I clearly stated and got the man to repeat back to me that I wanted my phone cancelled and was giving 30 days notice, and wrote 5 emails restating the same thing. I should not have to pay for their mistake.

He asked what I wanted him to do, and I told him "I called up on this date, service should have been cancelled 30 days later, so I want you to cancel the service immediately and I do not want to be charged for anything after that 30 days!"

He said he couldn't do that.

I remembered in my previous post people said it didn't seem like I was standing up for myself or really trying that hard. I didn't want this to end up the same way, and I KNEW I was in the right on this one 100%. So I was strong, firm, and completely annoying in my strongness and firmness, to make you guys proud.

So I kept him on the phone line arguing for half an hour re-stating exactly what I wanted over and over and that I wouldn't accept anything less because it was not my mistake. He finally said "Yes, I can do that for you because I'm really sick of talking to you, so ignore whatever bill you get in the mail for that service and it'll be credited to your account, it's done, it's over, goodbye".

I got the two bills in the mail, ignored them like he said. I got a bill in the mail yesterday saying that both the amounts of those 2 bills have been credited to my account, that my balance is 0.00 and that this was the final notice I'd get from Bell.

Bell - 0
Me - 1
Rogers - 1 (because I'm never going back to Bell.)


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