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I've had Cingular for about 2 1/2 years now. First two years were great. I never once had a problem. Seriously.

After my 2 year contract ended, I figured hey, cingular is pretty awesome I'll upgrade and start a new contract. Got a new phone. It's a piece of a shit. Dropped calls, horrible reception, etc. Oh well it's not bad enough that I can't live with it.

I decided to add a line to my account for my mom because she has no home phone and it terrifies me to not be able to contact her. She received the phone today and when she tried to activate it, it said the sim card is invalid. So she drives to her local cingular store and they somehow fix it. I told her to call me when she leaves the store. 3 hours later I realize.. Mom never called me back. I grab my phone to try her new number and low and behold my phone doesn't work. What the fuck?

I call Cingular Customer Service and my sim card has been deactivated. WHAT the hell?! So now I have to go to the Cingular store tomorrow to get this sorted out. Which will cost me ~$20 bucks in gas. Not to mention -my- valuable time. Plus I had to pay $36 activation fee. For what? To deactivate my other phone?

I hate Cingular.
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