Snarky's Delight (deadcherries) wrote in bad_service,
Snarky's Delight

The cause of my irriation this evening is a small one, but I can't stand people talking over me!

I am on several lists in the Los Angeles area for focus groups. I get calls about once every two or three months for various ones, and this guy called about something to do with cable or television.

Here's my concern: I have an L.A. number to my cell phone, but I've recently moved to the Phoenix Arizona area. I'm not about to drive 7 hours for a damn focus group. The number on my phone indicated this was an L.A. number (310) calling me.

So I state before after the first question he reads - "I need to know where this is"

he pauses like he's hearing me but proceeds to ask the next question.

i give him a second after answering incase he was bothering with finding the information.

I answer the above (whatever the hell it was) question and state firmly " I have recently moved and I need to know what area this is going to be in"

i have to ask these things because there are some groups that I think I have updated my location since I moved

He then continues again to ignore my question and read onto the next question.

I mutter something along the lines of Fuck This and hang up.

I'm not feeling well tonight, I know these pre-screeners can last up to 15 minutes, and if he can't answer my asking what location/region/area this is in within the first minute of my asking twice, and the number indicating it's Los Angeles then it's not worth my time.
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