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(Hubby and I, along with another couple were headed to a funeral last Saturday 2 hours away from our home. Because of the drive and the timing of the service - 11 am - we decided that we'd leave early and grab breakfast beforehand. Yeah, wrong idea.)

Dear Denny's in Alamogordo, NM,

I'll admit you all were busy when we arrived, however when we were seated pretty quickly, we figured that we wouldn't have to wait very long to order/eat/etc. We counted 8 waitresses for this rather small restaurant with about 3 of them just standing in back of the counter, gabbing away. After a second wipe-down of the table and the glob of butter that was on the back of the seat, it took you 10 minutes to get our drink order and then another 15 minutes to get our order and we were still waiting for our drinks. We told you we were ready when you took our drink order but you were there and gone so fast that you probably didn't hear us. We were very nice and cordial to you, Ms Waitress so you didn't have to get snippy with us when we asked for silverware after you brought our food.

When you asked us why we were so dressed up (hubby and friend in suit/ties, myself and friend in dresses), we told you we where we were going. Your "Well shit, that sucks" didn't help matters any. Perhaps that should have been a clue to you that we didn't have all day? Maybe not.

When I waited tables, I could tell the 'pace' of my customers by the way they ordered. If they said, "We're ready to order our meals" when I took their drink order then I could tell they wanted/needed to get in and out quickly.

We had to gulp down our meals and then our friend had to track you down to get our check. (Took about 5 minutes to get thru the cash line as well.)

We planned about 45 minutes for the meal. An hour and 15 minutes later we were out of there. If it hadn't been for the fact that there weren't a lot of breakfast choices, we would have gotten up and gone elsewhere.

Thanks, but no thanks. Next time we have to stop for breakfast, we'll just bring granola bars.

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