P1 Aesthetician (randomheroine) wrote in bad_service,
P1 Aesthetician

woes at the Wal Mart eyecare center

I accompanied my mother to a trip to Wal Mart. She planned to drop off her glasses at the eye care area to get new frames put in and to get them adjusted. We dropped them off and went to shop for an hour.

Ok...an hour later, we go and are told (by some guy who was whining to a co-worker about not getting to go on his break) they're not ready yet. So we wait. Fifteen minutes laters, some young guy brings my mother's glasses out. She tries them on to find out they weren't adjusted. So she tells the guy and he takes them into the back to adjust them. Fifteen more minutes later, he returns with the glasses...

but they're broken in half.

He said it was an 'accident,' but he wanted us to pay for the service. *laugh* we didn't. So he tried to offer us another pair of glasses for my mother. We call for the manager who only defends the co-worker's offer.

We left and ended up goings to LensCrafter. *groans*
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