Pav (pavlovskitty) wrote in bad_service,

Sonic, you let me down

I'm a regular - 4-5 times a week kinda customer. It's the ice that I crave. Anyway, yesterday I placed an order for two bags of ice, and a medium root beer. I get the total, swipe my card, and it's accepted. (Meanwhile, yes, for two bags of ice, I had a cash tip waiting). It starts to hit me that my total seemed too high.

Chickie brings out my order, and I ask for my receipt, something I never do. I barely glance and see 2 beside each line, as in 2 root beers and 2 bags of ice. I catch chickie before she tries to escape, and tell her that I was overcharged. She takes the receipt inside, and I start sipping on my large root beer. See, that - large.

She comes back out and tells me that the manager can't change it, but she has cash to give me for the second soda. BUT - she needs to take mine back. I assumed they charged me for two large, but no, they charged me for two medium. So to get my money back, I have to turn over the drink I had already been sipping.

They totally knew they double charged me - that's why they sent the large in the first place.
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