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How do these people get hired?

I arrived at the restaurant to meet a group of people at 7:30. Our waitress came by trying to figure out who had ordered an iced tea. I said I thought it was someone at the end of the table, but could she please come back so I could order something?

She left the table. 15 minutes later, I couldn't find her, so I asked another waitress to look for her. She came back another 10 minutes later, picked up some dirty dishes and tried to leave again. I flagged her down.

Waitress: Oh shit, what kind of beer did you order?
Me: I didn't order any beer, you haven't asked me if I would like anything.
Waitress: Oh no!
Me: I'll have a Rickard's, please, and an order of chicken wings.

The beer didn't take long, but the wings took forever. 20 minutes after I finished my beer I still had not been offered another one. The hockey game was almost over, and she finally came back to ask if we wanted anything else. No thanks, I said, we are all done. The bill never came.

She refused to split up the bills for our table of ten, saying we all had to come up to the bar individually and deal with it there ("It's SO much EASIER that way"). When there were two of us left, I went up to have my credit card put through. She swiped the card - and walked away.

So I tore the slip off the machine myself, found my own pen, and tipped her 25 cents. What awful service.

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