Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

I understand you probably work the night shift so that you don't have to interact with customers, but you are still a cashier, and that's part of your job.

Edit: She was restocking when we came up, she turned on her heels and walked away towards her machine without a word, didn't make any eye contact, and the only thing she said during the transaction was "do you have a frequent shopper card?" Last time I was there, I chatted it up with the cashiers about various things, but this girl seemed about as social with me as she was with the magazines. I dunno, not terrible service, but A simple 'Hello' goes a long way.

Edit #2:

People want to argue that it's not a job requirement to so much as acknowledge the customer. Taken from the company website reguarding employment:

RESPONSIBILITIES include the following and other duties may be assigned as customer needs dictate:

1. Your job performance should demonstrate that Harris Teeter's aim is TO BE THE BEST GROCERY RETAILER AS MEASURED BY EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER. Associates are expected to provide "knock your socks off" customer service. Greet each and every customer promptly and courteously. Our Associates treat each customer as the highest priority, offer samples and practice suggestive selling.

2. Our ASSOCIATES INITIATE INTERACTION WITH OUR MUCH VALUED CUSTOMERS on the sales floor. We ask our customers questions regarding his or her shopping needs, provide information needed to meet his or her taste and meal requirements and follow through on customer requests.
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