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I took my 5 year old and my 12 month old there today, to pick up a used Playstation game as a treat for the boychild (he inherited his older sister's Playstation at Christmas).

1. Dude, just because I'm a 40-something with two kids, don't assume that I don't play video games. He waved me towards the used movies and disappeared before I could ask any questions (I was the only customer in the shop.)

2. When I'd finally found what I needed, a creepy customer came in, and monopolized both clerks and moved back and forth between both registers, keeping me from approaching (he set off all my insanity radar and I wanted me and my kids out as soon as possible.) Both clerks were so busy avoiding eye contact with him that I couldn't get the attention of either one.

3. Listen, asshole, I realize they make you ask about those damn cards. It's the only reason I didn't jackslap you the fucking third time you harped on about it. I DON'T WANT THE FUCKING THING, and YES, I know how they work - they make Gamestop $14.95 - and yeah, I'M CERTAIN. When I say no, I fucking mean NO. Grr.

4. When I got home, the stupid game was so scratched up it looked like somebody had dropped it on a gravel driveway. Thank goodness we invested in a cd cleaner - but it took a good 15 minutes worth of cleaning before I got it to work (because I damn sure didn't want to go back to the store.)

There's a reason I do most of my shopping online.

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