hullo (x_magdalena_x) wrote in bad_service,

*shakes head*

Alright. So. We were up visiting people in Des Moines, which is a 10 hour drive from here... I'm tired, we've been driving with young children chanting "I'm hungryyyy...Are we there yet...He won't stop touching me....AHHHH!!" (mmm 3 year old twins. Yesh.) -_-* So I decided to stop off at this Mall in Iowa City because a food court would be faster than going to a restuarant. My husband and the kids all want something else, so we kind of split off at the food court. I'm 6 mos I wanted curly fries and a shake, so I stop off at the Arby's. Line is short, there's two people ahead of me. I get up to the counter, order the chicken strip meal with curly fries , drink and shake. Not too hard. I never get a reciept though. The two girls ahead of me get their orders and I'm waiting for mine.

About 5 mintues go by, and suddenly the people behind me are coming up, getting their orders and leaving. My husband and the kids have already gone though and are eating while I'm waiting. The guy filling orders asks me what I'm waiting for... I politely rattle off what I ordered, and he says "Okay." Then turns around and starts filling other stuff. At this point I'm thinking *omgwtfbbq* I also noticed that somehow he fucked up and is backed up a few orders. (Not sure how he mangaged that. Working in fast food previously, I could see how it might happen, but it wasn't that crowded.) Another 10 minutes go by, I've tried to get someone's attention but no one responds. My husband finally comes up and asks what's taking so long. I didn't want to leave because I payed for the food, plus curly fries=yum. ^.^

So we're standing there, my husband is starting to get upset, I'm kinda tapping on the counter with my nails ( not rudely, but I'm starting to get pissed off.) The guy this time asks " Are you waiting for something?" >.< Once again, I tell him, to which he responds "Well, I filled the order, so someone else must have taken it without checking. Fucking kids. *banter banter*" Not only was that a lie, because I was watching for my order when the girls ahead of me were waiting, but he just turns around again and keeps filling other orders. *!!* I'm wondering if he's ever going to fill mine or not. I'm not about to yell at him, tempted to , but jesus christ. After that he kept making eye contact with me.

So it's been a good 20 minutes, the kids are done eating and are tugging at my pants. The guy makes eye contact with me, but does nothing. Finally when he's putting something out, I ask if he's going to do it... "Give me a minute...jeeze. Fuck off lady. Can you get those kids to shut the fuck up? I'll get your fatass your shake in a minute." >.< One, I'm not fat, I'm 6 mos pregnant and 5'3"...I just look like I swallowed a bowling ball. Two, that's uncalled for, especially if I have not been rude about any of this so far. He's just lucky my husband was off kiddie wrangling, otherwise he might have gotten his head dunked in the frier. (He's a little over protective... ^.^)

About a minute later the manager finally appears and asks if I'm waiting for something. *...* politely tell him what is going on, and he just turns to the guy and says "Why the hell is this poor woman still waiting for her food? And why the HELL are you insulting her?" *guy* "That's a good question. She hasn't been waiting long, maybe 5 minutes. I never called her a fatass, the bitch is just making that up. Shiiit."


So the manager fills my order, apologizes profusely, gives me a refund and an extra order of fries. ^.^ As I'm walking away , I hear the manager telling the guy that this is his last shift. I smirked a little.
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