Stuart Carter (goose_entity) wrote in bad_service,
Stuart Carter

Not so much bad service, as "meh" service...

So, I am an expat Scot living in Birmingham, Alabama. I work for a large university.

There is a food section on the ground floor (first floor for leftpondians!) of the building I work in with a Chick-fil-a, a deli that does wraps, and a general canteen food type place.

So, I go to the wraps place, the server asks me what I want.

"Tomato wrap, ham and turkey, mustard, tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos, please!" say I in my Bright! Cheery! voice, looking forward to tasty, spicy, nutritionally balanced (*cough*) wrappy goodness!

The server looks at me with a completely blank expression then chirps out

"Oh! toh-MAY-toes! Why didn't you say!"

.... errm.. I just DID. At that point my Bright! Cheery! mood turned to sullen >< and sad :(

It's a LARGE university - 10s of thousands of students from all over the world - and the building I work in is a hub of student stuff, so why did saying to-MAH-toe cause such a reaction? Surely the servers must be used to getting an international Babel of accents coming through the lines?

Meh. As I say - not bad service, just "meh".

... the wrap *did* taste really good, though :)

This wasn't the first wrap I had from there, nor was it the first time I had spoken with this server - maybe she had just had a really hectic day culminating in a buffer overflow in her language module?

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