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I must be a magnet for bad_service..

Two restaurant-related stories, and one UPS complaint.

So the first experience was last Friday night. My husband and I went to the local Grinders Above & Beyond for our weekly dinner "date". They were a little busy but not overwhelmingly so. Our first cue that this was probably going to be a bad night for us to eat there was when they seated us in a little corner right next to a big party.

15 minutes or so go by, and the waitress walks past the table several times to serve the other table. Then finally she comes over and takes our drink order. Brings them back, takes our food order, and disappears for another 15 minutes. I need a refill on my tea, but even though she refills the other table several times, she doesn't do it for me.

Now, usually when we eat there, I order cottage cheese with my meal. 90% of the time they bring it out beforehand. This time, we didn't see her again until she came back with our food. I asked her for my refill and some extra dipping sauce for my steak, which amazingly enough only took her 5 minutes to get as opposed to the 15 minutes of the previous two times. Then either my husband or I (can't remember who, or what it was, exactly) asked for something else, and it took her ANOTHER 10 minutes to bring it, and by that point we were almost done.

She then proceeded to more or less ignore us until right before we were ready to go, when she suddenly got all chatty. We left her the smallest tip I felt comfortable leaving ($2 on a $30 meal) and left.

Now, we've had bad service there before but generally it's been taken care of quickly. But being ignored pisses me off royally. I was so tired though I just wanted to get home.. so I did.

So last night, my husband and I went out to eat with my grandfather. Grandpa is sometimes kinda crochety, but he's a good guy. He and my husband both order the salad bar/buffet, and I get a steak. I decided not to eat at the salad bar, so I was waiting at the table. First of all it took the waitress a while to come over and pick up the receipt & get our drinks. Then she comes over and asks me if I want dinner rolls or garlic toast.

I tell her I want toast. She walks back to the kitchen, then not 30 seconds later comes back and says "I don't remember what you said, did you want rolls or toast?" I tell her toast again, and she comes back with three pieces of hard, cold garlic toast. I'm not too bothered about it, so I just munch a bit until my dinner arrives.

Now, she brings the drinks back to the table and apparently doesn't see my grandfather returning, so she backs right into him. She apologizes and goes on her merry way, presumably to flirt with the cook (hubby saw her flirting like crazy). She brings out my food, which is done perfectly, then wanders off yet again.

So Grandpa wants to look at the bill, so I find it for him. He is sitting there with his hand propping up his head. (This is important.) So the Ditz brings us refills.. and manages to thwack my grandfather in the hand with her tray. So this is TWICE now this woman has practically beaned my grandfather because she wasn't paying attention. By this point I'm muttering to the spousal unit about how this is ending up in this community, and he agreed with me.

She brings one last refill, and I notice it tastes funny, but my throat is dry and I drink it anyway. I was talking to my hubby about it though and he thinks what happened was she brought me the wrong thing (I order unsweetened tea most places, and that's what I had last night, but he thinks she brought me the sweet tea and when I put my sweetener in it it made it taste weird). But to top it all off, as we were leaving, I heard her doing the SAME THING to the table behind us - "I don't remember whether you said you wanted garlic toast or dinner rolls?"

The whole thing smacked of carelessness. I mean, let's see, in the course of our meal she: smacked into my grandfather twice because she wasn't watching, "forgot" requests, and probably brought me the wrong drink at the end. And since Grandpa doesn't like to make a fuss, nothing was said to the manager, but I'm seriously reconsidering ever eating THERE again.

So this last one is bad service for both my company as the shipper and the customer. We sent an order UPS. It should've arrived yesterday. Two boxes arrived yesterday, and when the customer called about the rest of his order, I tracked it. The other two boxes said there were multiple errors in the address labels and that they couldn't find the place.

All four address labels were printed the same way at the same time. They're also now saying they can't find the customer's location.

But they delivered two of the four yesterday.


Meh. It'll get better, it'll get better, it'll get better...


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