emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Little story and question

This isnt a big deal, but I went on a trip and on the way back around 11 at night I went into a gas station to use the bathroom. (In other words, I was exhausted from the trip and slightly cranky from being in a plane and car and my feet hurt).
Me-Excuse me, do you guys have a bathroom?
Cashier-Yes, its around the back **points**
Me-**seeing its outside** Do I need a key?
Me-Thanks! **goes out the door towards the bathroom-find it locked-pull on it a few times in frustration and then walk back**
Me-Hey, the door seems to be locked.
Cashier-Yeah, I need to ring you in.
Me-**stare stare**
Cashier-**stare stare**
Me-Well, can you do that?
Cashier-Yeah, just go on back.

Like I said, not a huge deal, but wtf? Why wouldnt he ring me in the first time when it was painfully obvious I was walking to the bathroom? And when I asked if I needed a key, why didnt he mention the ringing part?!

Question-my apartment changed owners and we got a new net service with an automatic rent bump because of it. (Basically being forced to use the new net service). For the past month, it has not worked. Long periods of time not working at all, periods of time where it disconnects literally every 2-3 minutes, or where it moves so slowly its not even worth it. (Slower than dialup-I found myself WISHING for dialup). Plus it wont open most pages. I have corresponded with the "net" guy for the apartment complex multiple times and he has said its mainly network problems and trying to get things to run smoothly. I emailed the manager and asked if I could get a slight drop in my rent for next month just because I have been effectively without internet service for a long time (I have been going to the freaking library to use the internet)
I dont know if thats reasonable or not...It would be nice to get a little refund though. May make me forgot the hours of frustration of trying to use my "high speed great internet service" (as advertised-HA!)

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