cinnamonbite (cinnamonbite) wrote in bad_service,

Stupid Camera

I bought this camera online on 12/10/05. Add a week for shipping So far, I haven't even taken enough pictures to wear out the battery. It died in January. My last pictures were of Chinese New Year. No one can fix it locally so I had to send it to New Jersey. They had it for 3 weeks. Apparently it needed the camera equivalent of a new mother board. I get it back and they had the nerve to list it as received in, "fair condition." WTF? How about brand new? What are they trying to pull?
And now, I use it for the second time and it's screwing up the pictures. It should die any second.

I paid with a credit card, can I just tell them it's a lemon and get my $320.54 back?
If anyone is looking for a new camera, avoid the Finepix F10.
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