Preserving dead alien corpses since 1995! (cschick) wrote in bad_service,
Preserving dead alien corpses since 1995!

Older bad_service story about McDonald's

So, this is an older story, based on some comments I made on another post.

Last spring, the husband and I took a road trip. On the second-to-last leg of the trip, we were travelling from Carlsbad, New Mexico to Dallas, Texas, via I-10. Partway through this trip, we pulled off the interstate to look for some food.

Usually, when we have to seek out fast food, we try to stick with Wendy's and Arby's, because while we've had bad_service experiences at those chains, none of them have ever been as bad as experiences we've had at various Burger King and McDonald's locations. But the exit we pulled off was one of those exits that looks like the whole area was an older factory town gone tired--lots of abandoned buildings up near the expressway, a couple of which were formerly fast food joints or gas stations. There was a McDonald's, which appeared to be the only open building near the expressway. So, we shrugged and pulled up to the drive-through speaker.

There was a car in front of us, although nobody pulled up behind us. The car in front of us was served, and we pulled up to place our orders. Our drive-through "on the road" order is standard: two cheeseburgers, no pickles for him, two hamburgers, ketchup-only for me, a large fry to split, and two waters. We know it's a grill order, and we know that in drive-through, you often have to pull forward and park to wait for a grill order. We paid, received our waters, then pulled forward.

There didn't appear to be any customers inside the restaurant, and nobody came through the drive-through behind us. After about five minutes, we started getting a little antsy about our order. After ten minutes, they finally ran the bag out to us and we took off. We pulled off without checking (yes, our fault).

I pulled out the burgers, and discover that we'd gotten: one cheeseburger, no pickle, one cheeseburger, everything; one hamburger, ketchup-only, one hamburger, everything. I grumbled a bit, but accepted that as our fault, since we hadn't checked before pulling away. I handed the cheeseburger, no pickle to the husband, took the hamburger, ketchup-only for myself, and bit into it.

And discovered that the hamburger patty was still partly frozen. *ick* It was cold, and there were ice crystals in the patty itself. The same was true for the cheeseburger, no pickle: the bun was warm enough to have done some melting of the cheese, but the patty was barely cooked.

Luckily, the hamburger, everything and the cheeseburger, everything, while they had some indications they might have been sitting on the warming tray/under heat lamps for a while, were fully cooked. We ate them and the frys, then decided to call McD's corporate because the frozen patties were a health issue, not an order-filling issue.

McD's corporate took our complaint, and months after the fact, sent us a letter stating that our complaint was being investigated without even an attempt at a corporate-speak apology. We've never heard anything else about it from them.

I have no idea what they were doing inside that restaurant to take ten minutes to produce half a grill order with frozen patties (and the other half with burgers pulled from the heat tray). But, I suspect that McD's concluded that our chances of ever returning to that location were nil, thus our complaint was mainly disregarded.

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