Amanda (failstoexist) wrote in bad_service,

bad dinner experience

my friend and I went out tonight for some dinner after a movie. We haven't seen each other in months, so we were chatting and catching up. The service was so bad we ended up walking out.

we arrived at about 9:00-being a tuesday, it was not very crowded. We were going to get some appetizers, maybe some desserts, and both decided on a drink. When the waiter came over, he asked if we were ready to order-we ordered our drinks and asked for another minute for the rest. he brought out our drinks and then didn't stop to ask what we wanted. he ran off to another table. we talked for a little while, pretty much ready to order but not 100% set-we could have ordered if he showed up. He kept walking by without acknowledging us. After about 10-15 minutes, we closed our menus, in case that was why he was ignoring us. At around 30-35 minutes, we asked for a manager. about 10-15 minutes later, the manager finally showed up. He was not very apologetic. He offered to put in our food right away and get it out, but neither of us wanted to stay there any longer with the waiter who didn't want to serve us. We tried to inform the manager, but he didn't care. I'm not surprised, since it took him 15 minutes to come talk to us. Funny thing was, our waiter NEVER showed up again. Not while the manager was speaking to us, and not in the moment we were there after he walked away. And the waiter DID pass by at that time. So we left.

We ended up getting excellent service at another restaurant. The waitress offered us tips on getting more food for less money, brought everything promptly, and was really great. It was quite a change from our previous choice.

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