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Um... ok?

This isn't so much a story against Time Warner as it's just about one particular CSR who evidently seriously needs to get laid.

I just got a new job from home talking with customers about crap, and I needed to have call waiting disabled on my phone.

I have digital phone so I went ahead and called up Time Warner, waited what seemed like forever through a list of options, finally selected number 7 for "Everything else".

I reached a CSR who seemed... less than thrilled to be there at 9 in the morning. Needless to say, that's not really my problem since I hadn't even slept yet and was dragging ass (I had just gotten home from the college radio station). The conversation went like this...

Me: Hi there!
PW: Pissy worker

PW: Time Warner this is PW.
Me: Hi! My name is minabacon, and I just had a question for you about my digital phone.
PW: *silence*
Me: Um, I just got a new job that requires my call waiting to be disabled and was wondering if that's able to be done on digital phone?
PW: No. It's not.
Me: Not at all?
PW: Go out and buy a phone that doesn't let you have call waiting.
Me: Um, I don't think they even make those.
PW: They don't. *hangs up*

Um, what the hell? I didn't even get to say thank you or ok or goodbye. I was fuming. I wanted to call right back but I was so angry I would have become a sucky customer. I know it kinda sucks to work in the morning if you're not a morning person, but a sarcastic remark and then to hang up on me just pisses me off.

Oh... moral of this story? I called back later (IE - 5 minutes ago) and got my call waiting disabled with no problem. At all. It just will take 3 to 5 business days *headdesk*
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