Wydok (wydok) wrote in bad_service,

What exactly do you have?

First, let me start by saying I hate fast food drivethrus. If it was my choice, I would never go through a drivethru...

I don't remember what all we ordered, but I remember my wife ordered the chicken club, grilled, and I orderred the ranch chicken, crispy. Both medium meals.

"We're all out of medium cups".

They didn't offer us large cups filled only part way, we had to buy the large meals. Strike 1.

My kids got happy meals with the apple dippers. We wanted Shamrock shakes with them.

"We're all out of Shamrock shakes"

We wanted two apples pies (2 for a dollar, oh boy!)

"We're all out of apple pies"

We pull up, pay for our food...that's when little miss sunshine informs us that they were out of apple dippers as well. Fries with the Happy Meals, or nothing.


We had to ask to make sure we got straws. Unfortunately, we forgot to make sure we got napkins (they were probably out of those too!)

Finally, we openned our food. Lo and behold, the chicken club is CRISPY and the chicken ranch is GRILLED.

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