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A fun day at Walmart...

So, yesterday, my mom gets this brilliant idea that we should go buy toaster ovens. One for her house, one for mine. Now it's a Sunday, so Walmart is packed to the gills, but we manage to luck out, grab our stuff, and get in a line that only has one other person in it! Great, right? No. Woman in front of us has about ten items sitting on the belt. The cashier will scan an item, chat up the woman for quite a while, and then eventually scan in another item. We weren't too upset about it, cause we were chatting between ourselves, but eventually it ended up we're standing there for ten minutes and the pile has come down to five items. The cashier looks up at us (after TEN MINUTES!) and says "Ma'am, I'm closing, you need to go somewhere else."

Now. Her register light is on, and has been, the entire time we were in line. She didn't even have it flashing the distress signal. My mom says, "We've waited this long and now you won't scan our stuff?" The cashier just says "Go somewhere else, I'm closing." No apology, anything. My mom stalks back to the money station thingie, where there are three cashiers and a manager. Mom tells the manager what just went on, the lady's light STILL isn't off or even flashing, and the cashier has just completely quit ringing things through at all and is having a conversation still. The manager says go ahead, get back in line, we'll send another cashier over to ring you out, no big deal. Mom comes back, triumphant... right? No again!

The woman in front of us in line who has been chatting with the cashier turns and says "She's CLOSED!" Mom says according to the boss, she isn't. The cashier says "She's NOT MY BOSS, LADY!" Now she's yelling at my mom, big no-no. Mom says even the manager guy? The cashier says he isn't either and that mom has to leave her line right now. We just stand there. The cashier is refusing to scan anything now. They just stare at each other for a couple minutes. The new cashier who's taking over comes up, and the old cashier argues with her, refusing to leave or scan anything. NOW the flashing light goes on. The cashier just glares at my mom the entire time, arms crossed.
Eventually I had to send my mom out to the car, as she has high blood pressure and she's getting REALLY red (though not saying anything). New cashier keeps trying to get the old one to finish the 5-item order and she keeps refusing until I leave the line. Eventually we go to the cigarette checkout line, where the guy gives us shit for our 12 items (ten only!) and my dad explains what just happened. At least the guy apologized and said it was no big deal, he's just supposed to say it anyway.

It was hellaciously annoying and I hope my mom called back. I've never had a cashier get that pissy before over something so small.

I mean, I know it's only Walmart and you shouldn't expect TOO much, but that just crossed the line into WTF service.
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