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I Have Been Waiting All Day... post this. Seriously, I've been looking forward to documenting this craptastic service.

*deep breath*

My mother and I went to Krystal for burgers for the family (cheapish, convenient, we were on the road moving/hauling all weekend). Pulling in, the drive-thru was lined up to the street, so we decided to go in. The line at the counter was to the door, with only one register open, but we waited.

A growing puddle on the floor in front of the closed register, a single plastic bucket sitting underneath to catch the drip that came from the ceiling every three seconds (I timed it while we waited). The two other drips, which occured alternately every second, had no container. Hence, the puddle. A sign informed us there was a wet floor.

Incidentally, it was not raining today. I am not sure what was leaking up there.

Several orders were placed ahead of us, then we got to order, and we waited (keep in mind that randomly, workers were carrying trays of food out to people dining in). Our order of a chicken trio combo with cheese and chili fries, one sackful of cheese krystals, and two medium fries, was placed at 12:56pm. I got my coke, and we moved over to the side to wait. A couple came over with their little numbered table marker, complaining that they'd been waiting 30 minutes for their food. The guy behind the counter asked them what their order had been, and the woman started calling things off the menu - 2 or three combos, this and that, and so forth - about $30 worth of food. The man asked to see their receipt, and they said the woman who took their order had kept it. The counter guy wandered off to investigate...

Someone dragged a mop and bucket out around this time, and began cleaning up some of the water. Then he stopped, and disappeared. Came back a few minutes later with a large burnt-looking pot from the kitchen, switched it with the bucket, which he set on the counter by the closed register, and continued mopping.

The next person in line, now, clearly frustrated with the situation, asked the couple at the counter if they'd ordered already. They said yes, 30 minutes ago, and they never got their food. The manager, who was working drive-thru and had come over to swipe a credit card, asked what they had ordered, and she started listing things off the menu again... He asked around a bit, told the staff that 30 minutes was too long to make a customer wait (the only good part of the visit!) and told the couple their food was being worked on right then.

They got theirs, wandered off, and the people who had ordered ahead of us called over from the other side where they were waiting, to ask to have their dine-in order bagged to go, because they couldn't wait any longer. They got theirs after maybe another 8 or 10 minutes, and took off.

An older woman comes up to the counter, now, with a burger in one hand and a reciept in the other, and holds them out to the cashier, pointing and saying, "See this? This is when my order was placed, and I just got my food a minute ago. This burger is ice cold..." I didn't hear the rest of what she said, as I was leaning over to mumble in Mom's ear about the store going for a record today. The lady who had been waiting behind us, and behind all the complaints, was muttering and shaking her head now, and Mom was moaning about how we should have waited in the drive thru, and thus would've been long done by now.

The first half of our order was handed over, and Mom started munching on the fries while we waited for the rest. I was now a little more than halfway done with my coke. Another 5 minutes or so, and we got the rest of our burgers, and took off. It was nearing 1:30 when we got out of there.

After all that, the buns were a little soggy, but we were starving, so we ate 'em anyway.

EDIT: Oops, forgot. Mom huffed at the manager at one point, "You need some more help here." And he said they were short three people today. Bleh.
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