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I'm not a candidate for customers_suck, I hope...

I feel like service is going downhill.

I read customers_suck a lot - I get a good laugh, empathize occasionally...

I went out tonight, for dinner, coffee, and a movie.

The dinner and coffee service was fine - the movie, however...

I treat vendors, cashiers, waiters, etc with respect, treat them like humans, say hi, interact, blah-de-blah. The ticket-sales-guy at the theater said -nothing- to me when I bought my tickets. He tapped the mic, so it wasn't broken... but this is the conversation. Or the non-conversation, as it were.

Me: Hi
Him: ...
Me: Two for Libertine, please
Him: ... *typey-type* *points at total on screen*
Me: *hands over money*
Him: ... *hands over tickets and change*
Me: Thank you.
Him: ... *stare* *has conversation with next person in line, my friend*

What. the. flippity-flog?

I've had other bad service experiences lately... I used to be the person that said, "zomgbbq I'm just looking!" when someone would greet me, but now, I say hi/hello/whatever back, and then say I'm just poking around or whatever... but service people just seem to be pissed at me. I'm -trying- people. Really.

Also, is there a better response to the must-be-said questions than "No, but thank you."? i.e.: Do you want an xyz credit card?, Do you want a drink/popcorn/candy with that?, Do you want fries with that?

Whenever I say, "No, but thank you.", I get a pissed off look in return.

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