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Jimmy John's

I had the worst experience EVER at Jimmy John's in Lawrence, KS today. I went there for lunch with my mom, since I was home visiting her. I attend Kansas State, so I'm usually in Manhattan.

So, we walk in, and walk to the counter to order. The cashier lets us stand there for a few minutes, waiting, and then points to a register CLEAR across the room. Obviously nobody knew to go there, because people were lining up behind us. That sort of caught me off guard, but I wasn't too bothered. My mom, on the other hand, was slightly irritated.

We go over to the register the cashier had indicated and order. She gets a turkey club (or something, I can't remember) and I get a tuna sandwich - I added cheese to mine for an extra 75 cents. I order a medium pop and she orders water - she's just been diagnosed with diabetes, so she can't drink pop. This is relevant.

I get my cup and stand there looking at the chips to decide which ones I want, when my mom asks if she can have a medium sized cup for her water. They'd given her this tiny little styrofoam cup, and she didn't want to run back and forth across the store a million times to refill it. The cashier rudely informed her that they were $1.50 for the cup, not for what you put in it. She was immediately put off by his tone and the fact that he seemed to imply that people who take those cups for water end up stealing pop. Also, who the hell charges $1.50 for a paper cup of water? She told him that she'd just been diagnosed with diabetes and really only wanted a large cup of water, but he refused. So, she buys a bottle of water. The cashier takes her money, gives her change, and wanders off. No water. She was already pissed as hell that he had insinuated that she was going to scam them by stealing soda that she can't even DRINK.

Meanwhile, I'm curious as to where our food is. There are a couple subs just sitting on the counter, so I walked over and asked if they were ours. The guy making the subs was slightly less rude than the cashier, and he informed me that yes, they were ours. I took the subs back to the table, and my mom was upset because the cashier had never bothered to give her the water she'd paid for.

Now rather angry, I walk back and tell the guy making the subs that my mom had paid for a bottle of water and the cashier had never given it to her. He immediately goes back and gets it (which was awesome), and all seemed well.

About halfway through my sandwich, I realized there was no cheese on it. My mom was upset that she'd never gotten the chips with her sandwich, and was afraid to because she thought the cashier would accuse her of stealing. They did NOT give us a recipt. She was already pissed off about the cup of water thing, and I was angry because we'd paid for a few things and never gotten them. I was going to go demand a manager, but she just wanted to get the hell out.. so we left.

All in all, it was a bad experience, and I don't plan on going back again.
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