Sally Cinnamon (elizawrites) wrote in bad_service,
Sally Cinnamon

Buffalo Wild Wings

Last night, my parents, my sister, my husband and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We get there around eight and are told there's a thirty five minute wait. No problem, it's a Friday night and college basketball games are on -- we didn't expect to get right in. We can watch the games and the trivia from where we're standing.

We wait in the vestibule as the people in front of us are called to their tables. As it empties out, my mom, my sister and I sit on a bench right next to the hostess stand. We're the last ones left at this point.

A group of four walks in and tells the hostess "We have four people, with a fifth on the way." I heard this clearly, as did my sister -- we were two feet away. The hostess says "Okay," and seats them! My mom went to the counter and asked why they were seated first and the hostess just says it's because they had four people, even though we clearly heard them say they had five. The manager comes up and all he can say is that there's a list that we're on, blah blah blah. We just left at that point and went to Chili's.

Is there some protocol I'm missing here? I mean, it makes no sense to me that we wouldn't have been seated first.

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