creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Weirded out.

Not really bad service but I felt awkward. And kind of pervy.

I am a regular customer at the local neighborhood subway. This morning I stopped in for the usual after shopping at walmart. *shudder*

Anyway the staff pretty much know me and the girl behind the counter greeted me and all was great. She knew what I wanted and confirmed it with "the usual?" :)
I politely smiled and said yes.

She started making my breakfast deli sandwiches and asked if I was working today.
I replied "No, it's my day off. I just figured I would pick up breakfast before going home to clean my house."

She replied "I'll clean your house." *smile*

I was kind of speechless and there was an awkward silence. I'm old enough to be this girl's father. She is rather sweet but should be a little more careful. I could be a psycho. ;-p
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