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first and last time at the CrackDonald's

I recently started a new job downtown, working overnight. I get off work at about 4:30am and I'm pretty hungry by then, but there's really nothing open at that time except 7-11.

So, I was delighted to see that there is a 24 hr. McDonald's on the way home. It's in a pretty horrible part of town, but McD's is McD's, and it's not like I had to get out of the car, so I thought, why not. How bad could it be?

Pretty bad, actually.

First of all, the lady (and I use the term loosely) didn't have to laugh at me when I ordered a McChicken sandwich. "We're serving breakfast!" she snapped. She didn't add "you idiot" but her tone was pretty obvious. Okay, I'm a dork. This isn't New York City. I didn't even know we had a McDonald's that was open all night. All right. So I now know that even though the McDonald's is open 24 hours a day, that doesn't mean I can get a McChicken sandwich at 4:30 in the morning. It's a learning curve, people.

So I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit.

Some of you may recall me complaining a week or two ago about being polite to clerks and fast food workers and still getting treated like crap. This is just another example. I don't know why I thought being extra nice and cheerful would make a difference, but still, I tried. I said please and thank you, and basically got the monotone I'm-just-doing-the-minimum in reply. Okay. I pull around to the first window, give the woman my money, get my change, smile and say thank you. She ignores me and slams the window.

I pull up to the second window, which is manned by a truly scary gangsta lady who handed me the bag while simultaneously giving me a look like I was a new fish and she was about to shank me. Gamely, I smiled and said thank you, and she growled at me. She literally growled!

I got the hell out of there and headed toward civilization. Took one bite of my biscuit and spit it out. If you took a tennis ball and sawed it in half and threw on a burnt piece of bacon and some melted cheese, that would pretty closely approximate the pitiful hockey puck that was supposed to be my breakfast. The thing had obviously been sitting under the heat lamps for hours, which begs the question: what the hell are they doing in there all night? Obviously, they had made whatever food they planned to make hours ago, and spent the rest of their time doing nothing. At least if the food had been good, it wouldn't have been so bad, but Jesus. I got bad service AND bad food. I don't think I've ever been served by anyone so openly hostile. I wouldn't have been surprised to find a note in the bag that said "die bitch die".

Clearly they were pissed off at me for being the one customer in about four hours, causing them to have to actually work for thirty seconds. Okay, I wouldn't want to work all night at McDonald's either but damn, I didn't see anybody standing there with a shotgun. If they hate life that much they should work someplace else.

And yes, I do realize that when you go to the ghetto McDonald's at 4:30am, you kind of take your chances. I didn't expect greatness but the utter badness really left an impression.
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