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Where not to stay...

This incident of Bad Service happened in Alexandria, LA (not in any of the Hurricane-affected areas)

If you are ever in Alexandria, avoid this place like the plague...

Quality Inn
3010 N Macarthur Dr
Alexandria, LA 71303

I apologize for the length, but it's a long, ridiculous story. If you feel like going insane reading it, imagine how it felt to experience it. 8/

My husband's grandfather (who was essentially the man who raised him, as bio-dad was MIA for 3/4 of his life) passed away over the weekend. He was asked to rush down to Louisana last last week to say his good-byes (we are in Omaha, NE). He drove down with his brother, and they both stayed in the above-mentioned hotel.

Now, I love my husband. I usually tell people he's a "big-picture" guy, not a detail man. That's a nice way of saying he a total flake most of the time.

The "set-up."

When he begged me for my cell-phone to take on the trip, I really didn't want him to take it. But he only has a Cricket-phone (local service only), and naturally his equally-flake brother has no cell either. I know, it was totally against my better judgement, but it was a real emerergency, he was a mess, and I didn't want them driving 18 hours with no means of communication in case of a breakdown, accident, what have you.

Needless to say, he returned home sans cell phone. His story : "When it ran out of charge, I put it in the front zipper of my suitcase, and when I pulled the suitcase out of the car in Omaha, the zipper was open."

No phone.

We searched the car and literally tore apart the suitcase looking for it. I just got the damn thing in January, and it was a $150 phone. Did I mention I'm broke?

Yes, I was livid. But not as mad as I was about to get.

I asked him when was the last time you saw it. He said in the hotel room, where he stowed it in the case. How it became unzipped was a mystery. So, I told him the next logical step was to call the hotel, and ask if any cell phones have been recovered and dropped in lost and found. It's a simple yes or no question, right?


The BAD service...

I go to work. He calls the hotel. I email him and ask what the story is, and do I need to get a new phone (that HE'LL be paying for...) He emails me that the clerk said to call back tomorrow. Well, for what? How hard is it to check a lost-and-found box???

I call them myself, from work. It's around 5 pm. The clerk ~I~ speak to says the following:

Clerk #1 : Expensive items like cell phones or jewelry that housekeeping finds get locked up in the manager's office. You need to call him. He'll be there between 8-12 AM tomorrow.

Me: *boggle* He's the manager, and he works for 4 hours a day?

Clerk #1 : Um, he's the owner too.

Me: Oh.

Ok, it's kinda reasonable I guess. Still, I just had this "feeling."

Now, I work the swing shift, and hubby works overnights, so getting up at 8 AM is a real hassle. Still, gotta do what you gotta do. I get up at 10:30 AM to call, plenty of time since the dude is supposed to be there until noon, right? Ha.

Hubby insists on calling, since this mess was his doing. This is where the fun starts. Clerk "Crystal" answered the phone.

Hubby: Hi there. I'd like to speak with your manager, please.

Crystal: "Click."

Hubby: blinking Hello? Hello? Damn she hung up...

Me: *livid* Give me the phone.

Crystal: Quality Inn Alexandria, this is Crystal.

Me: Yes hello. My husband stayed with you last week and he left his cell phone in his room. I was told to call back today to speak with the manager.

Crystal. You can't speak with the manager.

Me: *boggle* And why is that?

Crystal: Because he aint here.

Me: That's funny, because the clerk last night told me he'd be there until noon.

Crystal : Well, I don't know why you were told that. He's not here.

Me *getting really mad* : Well, I've been trying for two days to get my cell phone back...

Crystal *cuts me off, really angry* : Well, did someone TELL you it's here?

Me: *lying, because I didn't call to take abuse from her, I called to speak with the manager* YES. The manager has it.

Crystal: Where are you calling from?

Me: Omaha. (In retrospect, I should have asked her what the hell that had to do with anything, but obviously she wanted to make damn sure I wasn't headed down there to find out for myself if this manager was there or not)

Crystal: Hold on *puts me on hold for 10 seconds* I just checked with housekeeping and they don't have your phone.

Me: Well, they wouldn't if the manager does. I really need to speak with him.

Crystal: I told you he's not here.

Me: So you're telling me the clerk last night was lying?

Crystal: I don't know ma'am. Maybe it's because it's the weekend, and he don't come in on the weekend.

Me: *dumbfounded* Miss, it's WEDNESDAY!!!

Crystal: Uh huh. I can't help you.

At this point, I was really confused. The only reason I could think of for why Crystal was stonewalling me was that either SHE took the phone, or knows who did. Either way, I was steaming.

Me: You know what, that's fine. If you won't help me, I'll send the police to take a report, becase at this point I think my phone's been stolen...

Crystal : *slams phone down so hard, it doesn't hang up* She says she's sending the police... *laughter*

Well, what the stupid bitch DIDN'T know is that my husband's cousin is a Deputy Sheriff., and LOVES to flash his badge.

He was at the hotel within 10 minutes. Apparently, Crystal ran in the back when he showed up. It would have been worth it to see the look on the skank's face.

The Resolution.

Apparently, a "supervisor" came scurrying out and told him that the Manager was there, but "unavailable" (who is this guy, the Mafia Don of Louisana???), and that we would get a call the next day regarding my phone. Needless to say, we didn't.

I know that legally, I can't do anything, since I have no proof it was stolen. I had the service terminated as soon as I found out it was missing, so I really don't know what she (or whoever) thinks they can do with it. The funny thing is, all they needed to do was PRETEND to make a reasonable effort to check into it, and I would have let it go. I'm sure the employees (and I'll bet the owner too) either keep or sell all the "lost" items they find, so screw them. Talk about stupid criminals...

I've advised my carrier that the phone was most likely stolen, and I had to BEG them for a discounted rate on another phone. That also was a bad serivce day, but I'll save that lovely call for another time...

I'll be contacting Quality Inn Headquarters tomorrow to file a complaint with their Home Office. Although with my luck, he's probabaly an independent operator. Still, if I can cause any shit for them, I certainly will.



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