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Dear Mr. McDonald's Drive-Thru Man,

I know that working at McDonald's is a difficult job, but is it really that hard to look at a receipt before you give someone their order? Yes. I asked for Sprite© with my Happy Meal© AND a bottle of water. I paid for them both. When I got up to the window, you had a child's cup of Sprite© and a child's cup of water. No. I very politely informed you that I ordered a bottle of water. You gave me one and that's great. Until I get in the elevator at work and take a sip of what I think is the Sprite© that I paid for and it's really water. For that sir, you get a one finger salute and I'll be calling your store later to inform them of your mistake. I really don't like paying for things that I don't receive. I ordered the Sprite© since I have an upset stomach and now I have to go downstairs and buy one for $1 out of the vending machine. For those of you keeping track, I spent approximately $1 on the Sprite© at McDonald's and will spend another $1 on the Sprite© from the vending machine at work. I'm out $2 now. That is not ok in my book.

Fuck you very much,
A very cranky and not feeling well Karina Lynn
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