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Patron Saint of Women With No Morals ^_^

Photo shop adventures

Hell, I'm old fashioned. I like using a camera that requires a film and putting my photos in to get developed. A few days later: hey presto, photos! There are a few photo developers near where I live but there's only one 'good one' really. Lately, they have not been impressing me.

Incident One

My mum asked me to put in a disposable camera to get developed. I went in and put it down on the counter. Usually the person behind the counter asks what service I would like etc. Nope, this woman gets my details, fills them out on the packet and asks for eight pounds. I remembered thinking that was rather steep. I wasn't until I got outside and realised she had automatically charged me for an hour service. I know it's in their interests to make money but it would be nice to ask what service I would like/could afford. She did mumble something about how I was able to pick them up in a few hours but I was too busy putting my change into my purse.

Maybe it was my fault for not checking with her what service it was. I haven't used a disposable camera for a while so I just figured the price had shot up.

Incident Two

This begins on Saturday. This time I am putting a film from my camera in to be developed. I usually pay when I put the photos in but the woman serving me swatted the money away and said I could pay when I picked them up. Fine, I was going out later on that day and the extra cash meant extra drinks at the pub. Then, she turned to talk to her collegue without telling me when I could come back in to pick up the photos. I asked "So, should I come back in on Tuesday or something like that?"
Shop Assistant *finding this really funny* "Oh no! They'll be in on Thursday!"

Fast forward to today (Thursday). Now the shop is closed tomorrow for a refit. So, when I went in, the shop was a bit chaotic. I couldn't find my little slip which had the ID of my photos on it - usually they don't bother taking it anyway. So I went up to the counter and the following occurred:

Me - I just want my photos!
SA - Shop Assistant (who was actually the manager according to her nametag)

Me: "Hi there. I'm really sorry but I can't find my reciet slip. I'm here to pick up some photos."
SA: *sighs really heavily* "What's the name?"
Me: "Mac."
SA: "Mac or Macson?" N.B. My real surname is sometimes confused with a similar sounding surname with "son" on the end of it.
Me: "Mac."
SA: "Mac or Macson?"
Me: "Mac."
SA: "Mac or Macson?"
Me: *a tiny bit louder but not shouting* "Mac!"
SA: *sighs heavily again* "When did you put them in?"
Me: "Saturday, but the girl said I could pick them up...." *trails off when I see SA is not interested*
SA: "They're not here." *makes a big deal of crossing a 6 inch distance to the other cupboard behind the counter*
SA: "What's the address?"
Me: "102 Mickey Mouse Lane" *obviously not my real address*
SA: "Mac or Macson?"
Me: *wondering if I have a speech impediment at this point* "Mac."
SA: "Here's your photos. That's five pounds."

Throughout the whole exchange, SA was snappy and rather abrupt. I realise a lot of people come in within the slips and I apologised for not being able to find it. The irony was that it had got stuck behind my cinema card which I found when I was putting my change in my purse. I know you're probably stressed out and your shop looks a mess at the moment but do not take that out on me. And open your fucking ears, woman!

EDIT: Sorry to disappoint you folks but the above was just a typo and not Scottish slang. I meant to say "without the slips" but feel free to introduce it into your vocabulary ;-)
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